PB Casement Systems

46 mm-module.
single or double-action casement.
door in standard or thermal-break version.
A high-performance, cost-effective door for building applications with up t0 33-mm infill.
Mitre-cut assembly using comer cleats.
Marine-quality EPDM rebate gasket fitted round corners.
Outer frame without clip recess.
Rebate additional section for combinations with side-hung series.

Simple design and high performance
Coplanar fixed and opening frames.
Hinge-hung single-action version or double-action version with floor spring.
Range of thresholds to suit installation situations.
Reinforced weather barrier provided by tubular threshold.

Wide choice of ergonomic locks and handles
Lever handle, push or pull bar, pad handle, etc.
1, 2 0r 3-point Technal locks with espagnolette return on external groove.
3-point lock with faceplate and spring or latch bolt.
Fitted or embedded threshold bar.
Rebated threshold.
Reinforced weathering facilitating disabled access.
Drainable threshold for high water and air resistance.
All thresholds are easily removable for maintenance.

Anti-unhinging bolts.
Saw-proof espagnolette and semi-fixed leaf bolts.

A number of options
Electric strike plate.
Fire-door espagnolette.
Panic bar.
Electro-magnetic lock.
Friction or sliding door closer.

Hinge systems
Single-action door:
2-part pin hinges in rabbet: max. weight 100 kg.
face-fixed pin hinges: max. weight 120 kg.
door closer, offset floor spring.
Weatherproofing at base
Peripheral opening frame or baseboard.
Double weather seal (EPDM gaskets).
Threshold bar accommodating seal for exposed areas.

Dobule-action door on floor spring
Standard version without thermal break.
Adjustable floor spring set into floor.
Double brush gasket.
Finger protection gasket with 30 mm clearance.
Same locks and handles as conventional double-action doors.

Composite frames
Capacity to construct complex composite frames.
Topaze casements and sliders totally compatible.
Integration into Geode facades.