GB Slider Systems

High performace,cost-effective
Rollers bearing loads of up 200kg per leaf.
Aluminium rails accommodating 2,4, 6 0r 8 leaves.
Separate roller tracks.
Accomodating up t0 26 mm multi-performance glazing.
Three upright solutions for customising size accommodating optional roller shutter (depending on wind exposure).

Locks and handles a full range
Single and double automatic thumb pulls with key (window).
3-point locks.
Pull handle with thumb pull (window and patio-door).
Elegant and attention to detail inside and out
Glazing gaskets have small flashings allowing maximum daylight.
Black or grey gaskets.
Round design for opening frame.
Bi-color for frame
Weather performance:
The Technal GB26 sliding system has been tested in accordance with EN Standards achieving the following results: Technal GB26
Acoustic Performance:
Test acoustic measurements are took using standards NF S31 - 051, EN IS0140, EN IS0717
Composite frames
Compatibility between B casements and sliders.
Wide-range of possible compositions using both types of frame.

Full-access.retractable sliders
Heat insulation: Thermally improved products (with or without roller shutters)
meet RT2000 thermal regulations. Ratings.
calculated in accordance with Th-Building 2001 regulations.
1 0r 2-leaf sliders on single rail.
2 0r 4 leaves on double rail. (2 leaves retract on same side).
A real insulating complex with 160 mm wall lining for single-rail version,
200 mm wall lining for double-rail version.
Integration of roller shutter.